Touch Me: Anthology Mia Arderne September 8, 2022

Touch Me: Anthology

Compiled by Kim Lilian Windvogel & Tiffany Kagure Mugo, published by NB Publishers Kwela, this striking anthology focuses on sex as a vast, yet intertwined experience between people. The collection draws on the experiences of sex from people across genders, sexualities – even borders. Sometimes political, sometimes personal, and sometimes even problematic, Touch delves into the many ways in which sex features in our lives.

The contributors, essayists and poets include:

Nakhane, Jamil F. Khan, Siya Khumalo, Efemia Chela, Siv Greyson, Janine Samuels, Loren Loubser, Mx Blouse, L. Marion, Mia Arderne, Lyle Lackay , Boni Mnisi, Ava Mason, Mamello Sejake, Eliana N’Zualo, Katlego K. Kolanyane-Kesupile, Bakang Akoonyatse, Roché Kester, Sandiso Nguban, Kopano Maroga, Lester Walbrugh, Zanta Nkumane, Lwando Scott, Thiruna Naidoo, Ashraf Booley, Tiffany Kagure Mugo, Sarah Franc, Kim Windvogel, Jen Kruger-Ayebazibwe, Ruvimbo Tenga, Uvania Naidoo, Bel South, Mumbi Kanyogo, Githan Coopoo, Amanda Hodgeson, Shinta Jennifer Ayebazibwe, Nickita Maesela.

Available from 25 June 2021 nationwide in Exclusive Books and other major retailers.

My essay is entitled ‘1000 nights in silence with you’. It’s a personal narrative reflecting on love, depression, toxicity and bisexuality.

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