The Poppie is one of my favourite species. She is likely to be discovered in Rondebosch in a tight dress and high heels on UCT’s main campus. And let it be known, that if she is your choice of clique, you are bound to a life of glamour. You will dance to David Guetta and smile at the R60 cover fee at Tiger Tiger. This is how you do it.  

Poppie checklist:

  • Own at least three wardrobes
  • Get hair-extenstions that flow all the way down to your breasts
  • Manicure those nails
  • Date a guy who studied BComm
  • Sip only on cocktails and Smirnoff Spins
  • Invest in self-tan if you’re light of shade
  • Shop at Zara
  • Read Cosmopolitan
  • Party in Claremont
  • Become an expert with a GHD
  • Preferably study a Marketing degree
  • Be familiar with the characters of Jersey Shore
  • Develop an appreciation for Justin Bieber

And there you go. Cape Town’s very own Poppie. Not hard to achieve. Just a drag to maintain.

The glamour girl in her glory days