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Proclamation 73: Forgotten People Returned to History

Imagine being in your local museum, but the people represented on the walls don’t look like you.

In South Africa, for many of us, we don’t have to imagine it and a new exhibition that opened this week at the Durban Art Gallery adds its voice to the growing chorus of work correcting the error of representation… READ FULL ARTICLE

‘Til the season: It’s Festive, it’s Fokol but depression is real

‘Tis the season of Quality Street sweets, difficult relatives, ­trifle, alcoholism and suicide ideation. It’s the phenomenon of ­festivities with the feeling of having nothing to celebrate. Everyone’s a little louder, a little drunker, and you’re allowed to indulge in just how much of a wreck you really are. Because: It’s fokol, it’s festive… READ FULL ARTICE