Femicides have been dominating headlines for the last few weeks. One victim was Leighandre “Baby Lee” Jegels, a champion boxer on the cusp of an international career, killed by her ex-boyfriend. Another was Uyinene Mrwetyana, a UCT film student, in her first year, raped and bludgeoned at a post office. And those are just some that have made mainstream headlines. Femicide is a frequent headline now… Read full article

Filter by LGBT+, black, female… because therapy is more personal than dating. So before you dive in, you may want to find a good fit. Shop around before committing. We have Tinder for dating. But how should one go about choosing a therapist? Here are some things to consider when you choose your therapist, according to a therapist… Read full article

Most of us panic when we see blue lights, even if we’ve done nothing wrong. When I hear about encounters like this one, it makes sense. The police are supposed to be there for our protection, but there’s a power dynamic that can be (and often is) exploited. As a woman alone on the road, here are a few things to remember when you get stopped by SAPS… Read full article

Jade September is a transgender woman and survival sex worker fighting for her rights in a men’s prison. She is currently serving 15 years ifor murdering one of her clients in 2013. What happens if you’re imprisoned as a transperson today? The system doesn’t seem to have a place for you, especially if you do not have the money and access for gender reassignment surgery, hormone treatment and ID document changes. Hopefully, this case will change that. Trans rights are human rights, regardless of where… Read full article

In light of the R. Kelly investigation, the documentary Surviving R. Kelly and the many news articles surrounding the musician and his alleged sex crimes, many of us have recently asked ourselves this question: Do I still listen to artists who are documented abusers? This, really, is your personal choice, but here are 6 things to consider the next time you hear one of his songs… Read full article