For the Mail & Guardian: 

Tis the Season: It’s Festive, It’s Fokol but Depression is Real 

Proclamation 73: Forgotten People Returned to History 

For Cosmopolitan:

How Many Femicides Will it Take? A Champion Boxer, A First-Year Student, 3 000 Others

9 Things Every Woman Should Know When Stopped by the Cops

How to choose a therapist, according to a therapist

Dear Men, This is How You Can Help Us Fight Gender-based Violence in the Age of ‘Am I Next’

Women Are Paid WAY Less Than Men in These South African Industries

Therapy is a Privilege, So Cape Town Clinic Offers R50 Counselling Sessions

Sanitary Pads and Panty Liners are now Totally VAT-Free!

‘Redress’: The show pushing the boundaries of burlesque in South Africa

On Muting R. Kelly: 6 Things to Consider the Next Time you hear ‘Ignition’

5 Ways the Patriarchy failed Cheryl Zondi 

Transgender Prisoner, Jade September, fights for her right to express her Identity 

Sex-trafficking Survivor, Cyntoia Brown, is sentenced to 51 years in prison 

Love Wins: Home Affairs Officials have to Marry Same-sex Couples

For Marie Claire:

For GQ Magazine (print):


The Age of the Designer Penis 


Also for GQ Magazine (print):


The Pros and Cons of Online Shaming


For Bakwa Magazine: A Magazine of Cultural Criticism 

A Cartoon: The Imagined World of People who Condemn Radical Protest

Shackville Cartoon.jpg

For The City Press:

The Problem with I Am Stellenbosch

For Ja. Magazine: (pages 46-51)

Melanoir Series: A Tribute to Black Excellence

For Matador Network:

A Taxonomy of Youth Culture in Cape Town

For WeSaidGoTravel:

Home of the Lost Souls

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